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Enough… I carry this word around with me daily. It is without a doubt the heaviest word in my vocabulary. In fact, there are too many days where the weight of that 6 letter word makes it hard to even breathe. I know I’m not alone in my struggles of feeling like I am truly ENOUGH. Woman. Wife. Mother. Daughter.Teacher.Friend. These are all roles that I do not take lightly. Roles that I am so ridiculously blessed to own, yet ones that are the source of so much doubt and questioning. Do I do enough? Do I have enough? Do I give enough? AM I EVEN ENOUGH? This has been the word of the year for me, whether I wanted it or not. Recently, I reached a point where I had to step away from the shadow of the deep valley that my “word” created. I realized that I am not a final product, and I never want to be finished growing, changing, and learning. Being “enough” doesn’t mean I’m perfect. (Far from it!) It means that in this moment…in this ONE life that I am given…I will do what I can, with what I have, from where I am, and that is ENOUGH. It means that despite my flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses, I.am.enough. This ONE life is so full of ups and downs (some more than others) that it is easy to fall into that darkness of doubt and uncertainty. In order to reach a much needed level of contentment, I have to remind myself….I AM ENOUGH, through the hills AND the valleys of life.

Life is short! When you know this first hand, you don’t ignore opportunities, dreams, or pure “God moments.” And when you find someone who shares the same goals and visions, it’s impossible not to feel connected. Sometimes your lifelong dream is like a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle that you spend endless hours putting together only to realize that someone else has some of the very important missing pieces. You’ll always know when you find the person who has them, because everything will fall into place just as it is supposed to! That’s exactly how Allison Duke and I came about starting this new adventure, and how Enough Boutique was created. Not only do we carry clothes and accessories, but we are your in store AND online place for all things customized…from sandblasting to vinyl….from wood burning to home decor…and so much more! 

Thank you so much for all of the support!

❤ Shelley Walker and Allison Duke